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Emperor by Moglea

I really thought I’d keep writing here when Theo and Elliot came home. Stories of God’s grace upon our family, pictures of them experiencing the beach for the first time, details of struggles we’re having as parents of three kids, lessons my social work clients inadvertently taught me, passages of the Bible that hit me in new ways. But friends, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

One quality I have that works in many negative and positive ways: I can’t do much I’m not passionate about. And I’m just not passionate about this blog right now.

Honestly, my energies are drained almost every day by my three little men. I think we’re doing pretty dang well — please don’t assume the worst — but going from one baby to a toddler and two four-year-olds is tough. The energy levels and needs are high, but they are what I expected. You won’t find me complaining anywhere but in private conversations with my husband. Because this season of life is sweet and precious and exhausting and hard and exactly what I ached to experience for 3.5 long years. Thanks be to God!

When I do have energy left? I don’t really want to write here. I want to read books and exercise and study God’s word and date my husband and watch my sons start school and tackle that project on my to-do list and see what it’s like to be a soccer mom and shuttle my kids to their various appointments and have friends into my home and play Pokémon GO. (Kidding but not kidding about that last one. It’s pretty fun.)

There are, however, experiences God unmistakably asks me to share with others. Like when my son fell in a pond and I almost started crying because I loved him so much. Those experiences won’t be shared here, for now, though.

Instagram has become one of my favorite avenues for authentic, this-is-my-life storytelling. I’m loving me some Snapchat lately. I don’t love Facebook, but I do love a lot of people who only use Facebook, so I’ll stick around there, too. Please follow me on those sites, if you so desire. I’ll list those accounts and link to them below. 

I’m definitely going to keep my blog email address active. I still regularly receive emails — usually sweet couples and single mamas asking me about foster care and adoption. I am happy to be an honest, on-this-end-of-the-process resource.

For now, I gotta go cuddle with my boy while they watch Curious George during their “quiet time.” I don’t really want to sit in front my computer any longer than is necessary. There is a Thursday to be enjoyed, and they go to bed in just five hours.

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