This Year I…

I have a tendency to let the days fly by without looking back to see where I’ve been, what I’ve experienced, and how I’ve grown.

Here’s my attempt to do that… I pulled some of the film photos I’ve taken in the past year.

[A post on what this next year may bring is yet to come]

So, this year I…

got a Lomo LC-A+
bigs macs
ate my first (and only) Big Mac
art on valentine's day
went to several art museums with good friends
flamingo toms
bought my first pair of Toms
me + kids
went on a missions trip to Jamaica, where I fell in love with a country and its sweet children
sitting chair
photographed many abandoned houses with my brother
spent several late nights at IHOP and Perkins
held several photo shoots at my favorite spot in town
from above
lived at home again for a few weeks
the view through
moved back to NYC for the summer
double bubbles
participated in a bubble battle flash mob
kids' club
met some fun Washington Heights kids
nighttime films
watched several outdoor nighttime films
Manhattan Bridge
discovered my favorite spot in all of NYC
Brooklyn Bridge
walked the Brooklyn Bridge more than a couple times
from inside
started my senior year of (undergrad) classes
the scene
went to my family's cabin with some of the best friends
go State
tailgated before football games, watched during the games, and cleaned the stadium after the games
new job
started a new job
fresh flowers make me happy
bought bunches of fresh flowers
runway deplaning
flew to Nashville for an orphan and adoption conference
key in a jar
made lots of crafts
Jersey Boys
went to Chicago with Mom

  • megan

    i love this post!! i need to write something like this. i wish i took pictures of everything like you do 🙁 new resolution?

    • naskren

      you need to blog, period. also, get a holga and photograph away!

  • Natalie,

    Wow, I feel dumb because I’d never even seen your blog until you commented on ours. You are very talented! I think that you captured a whole year in a way that words could not. It’s funny but I was at several of the places you were at last year (Chicago, Ames, NYC). Take care!

  • Where where where is that favorite spot in NYC? So curious! Also, your photographs of the abandoned house? Yet another reason I think if I were ten+ years younger and in college with you, we’d be best buds. So. Cool. Love. It.

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