Short Thoughts: Week Eight

Interesting adventure getting a “pedicure” in town. Pedicure here = crazy nail art.

Makes sense my last week would be the most exhausting. God is teaching perserverance and I to be best friends.

Holding a 6-day-old at 6 am.

Juggling a big  baby while taking his temp and my laptop.

I miss “real” church services.

I’ve changed more poopy diapers today than any other day all summer. Thanks for the goodbye gift, babies.

Love watching Bev so tickled to have a documentary on George Washington Carver. It’s the simple pleasures when you live overseas.

Last sleep until the hotel bed! And then I’ll be sleeping in an uncomfortable airplane seat, but anyways…

Had dinner with my Dad’s Taipei based coworker and his family. Beautiful view from restaurant. Wonderful people.

Uh oh. My hair seems to have a lingering smell of sweat despite my best efforts.

My flight gate is across from the airport’s own prayer room.

In the US for the first time in 8 weeks! Only slept 3 hours, but its all part of my no jet lag scheme.

Little kids with Southern accents are almost as cute as little Chinese kids.

And I’m HOME!

Driving for the first time in a long time always excites me. And my car still smells new! Yes.

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  • Jake McLaughlin

    Out of all the things I missed about being in America, driving was near the top of the list