Promised Post

The words I promised…

+ saying goodbye at the Home

I held back tears pretty successfully. I really felt no reason to cry over leaving the babies. These little ones are on a path to home in the U.S. where their parents will love them better than I ever could. And it sounds like there will be some future reunions with some babies in the future.

Ted, Anna, Show Hwa and the other volunteers gathered outside to pray for me right before I jumped in the van. Again, I was touched by the sincerity of those at the Home, especially considering the many volunteers they’ve seen come in and out of their doors.

Mira Joy needed to go to Taipei to get a physical at an American-recognized hospital, so she road in the back with me and Anna. She slept the whole time. Anna and I talked about roller coasters, shots, the older kids, dogs, and Missouri. I soaked in every moment of the Taiwan landscape all this time. It’s truly one of the most beautiful I’ve seen.

+ day in Taipei

Jen Jen met me at my hotel. We packed a lot into our few hours: the National Palace Museum, a huge ferris wheel, Starbucks, Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall, lunch in a two-table restaurant, the Chinese Handicraft Mart, and Longshan Temple.

The temple took away my breath in the yuckiest, most unexpected way. I’ve been on missions trips and seen a lot of things, but this sort of blatant, hopeless idol worship was beyond what I had seen. I lacked the boldness to do what I really wanted to do — proclaim Truth loudly. Let me say this again: Taiwan needs Jesus.

After leaving Jen Jen and checking into my at-no-extra-charge beautiful hotel suite, I spent some time reflecting. And I’m still reflecting today. Eight weeks at an orphanage is the sort of experience one processes for years to come.

My dad’s Taipei-based co-worker, his wife, and their 10-year-old son picked me up for dinner. We went to the Grand Hotel and sat at a table with beautiful views of the city. I tried to get some English out of little Bernard. I reminisced about Paris with Bernice. And I talked cultural differences and orphans with Terry. Lovely, lovely people.