day six

Today I am especially thankful for…

+ long drives to process big thoughts

+ podcasts

+ my dad, my mom, my brothers, and my dogs

+ handwritten letters

+ time off from school to relax

+ His faithful servants: Ted, Bev, Show Hwa, and the housemothers at the Home of God’s Love

+ the Taiwanese TV channel that did a story on the Home

  • Noel Lawrence

    Hi there. We are in the process of adopting our 2nd child from THOGL. What a thrill to come across your site and the Taiwanese television interview with Ted and Bev. We watched the whole thing and were greatly moved even though we couldn’t undertand more than a couple words. Thank you so much for your contribution into the lives of these precious little ones. God Bless!

    • natalie

      glad you found me, Noel! will be praying for your adoption process.