early fall to-do list: now late fall/early winter to-do list

Checked on this list, and I’m carrying some of these over. With the decision to adopt, our referral, and the start of fundraising + applying for grants, thing got a little crazy. But we’re looking forward to continuing to enjoy this time as a family of two!

So, here’s the copied list with updates:

+ Organize and “style” the ugly bookcase in the office/future baby room. Right now it has books, notebooks, school supplies, medical equipment, a load of cords and chargers, and craft supplies. It is not attractive. Update: Done! Thanks for the Container Store gift card, Mom!

+ Make a stuffed animal for our future baby. I have visions of an elephant or giraffe made out of African fabric. Any idea where one purchases African fabric? My only stuffed animal sewing experience was an imp in middle school, so please be forgiving future baby. Update: African fabric purchased! Now I need to get a few other sewing supplies and set up my sewing machine.

+ Bake Grandma’s French silk pie. I’ve used her recipes before, and they never turn out quite as they want them to, but I’m determined this will be the one that’s dead on. Update: Blogged here! It was delicious. 

+ Visit Elephant Rocks State Park. It’s just looks so awesome. This will probably be one of those early fall activities, because the heat in St. Louis is killing us right now. Update: Yikes, by the looks of our schedule from now until Thanksgiving, this one may just not happen. 

+ See Passion Pit in Memphis. Enough said. Update: Coming up at the end of October! 

+ Go night swimming. Our apartment building’s pool technically closes at 8p, so this might involve some rule-breaking, but I think it will be worth it! Update: We did a few times! Also ate cheesecake with our feet in the pool a few more times. 

+ Grill outside. Our apartment building also has one of those in-ground/built-in grills outside. It’s kind of a hassle to use it, but man do I love grilled chicken. Update: Haven’t done it yet, but there’s still time!

+ Eat at an African restaurant. We don’t plan to go Africa crazy up in here now that we’ve announced we’re adopting from an African country, but we do plan to educate ourselves a bit more. We love food, so this’ll be a good way to do it! Update: Not yet, but I’ve got a few scouted out. 

+ Put our wedding photos in an album. They’ve been sitting on the floor in our office for months now. Update: Did it! It was so fun to look at them again after 10 months. We Are the Parsons are spectacular. 

+ Have lots of friends over. We’ve got a list of people who want to come over, it’s just a matter of coordinating schedules. Pop 5 will be played. Update: We’ve had friends over for dinner, TV shows, and my favorite: Pop 5!

Pop 5 fun


  • Katy Maille

    Meskerem Ethiopian food on South Grand is one of our favorite African restaurants. There’s nothing like eating with your hands!

  • Lisa

    Ok, not to be creepy, but my husband and I keep saying we should hang out with you guys and we grill all the time. Have Dan email Charlie, we can also talk babies.

  • Afton

    Hi Natalie! Congratulations on your adoption of the twins! I will be praying or their safe arrival… 7 months will be here in no time. I just subscribed to your blog, am excited to follow along on your journey!

  • Ooh, where did you find some African fabric? For some reason I didn’t get any when we were there in February and now I’m kicking myself! We won’t be going back until at least late spring/early summer and that’s so long to wait! 🙂