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One of the hardest goals to meet in this 24th year seems to be to read more! I’m embarassed by the way I click around Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest totally bored but still not motivated enough to read. This must change. I’ve got a growing list of books related to all things adoption, parenting, and race… and I want to get a good chunk of them read in these months for waiting for the two cutest boys in the world to come home.

Here’s my list:

The Connected Child

Brown Babies, Pink Parents

Sacred Parenting

The Whole-Brained Child

Adopted for Life (so close to being done!)

I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla

So, question: Have you read any of them? What were your thoughts? Are there any others you recommend? Thanks for any suggestions!

  • I would add to the list ,
    In their own voices
    By Rhonda r.

    It’s a collection of interviews from the black adoptee from a white family.

  • I like “Orphanology” – it covers many aspects of orphan care, including adoption.

    I have a little review of it on my blog:
    under Our Adoption I believe.

    The Connected Child is on my list too. I’ve heard it’s SO good!

  • Lisa Rohde

    so glad to see Adopted for Life. One of my favs.

  • I love The Connected Child! Thanks for posting this list! Going to check out some of these from our library! I don’t know how old your child will be when you adopt, but I recommend – Toddler Adoption: A Weaver’s Craft by Mary Hopkins-Best.

    • natalie

      Katie, our boys will be about 12 months or older when they come home. I’m gonna get ‘Toddler Adoption!’

  • hello there! you recently followed me on instagram and I found your blog that way – so excited to follow your journey to bring your boys home! I LOVED Adopted for Life and I’m Chocolate You’re Vanilla! I loved learning about a child’s developmental stages and how they process/perceive race and color. So good. I’d recommend Give Them Grace as an amazing gospel-centered parenting book! It’s about being more concerned about our children’s hearts then we are about merely their behavior. So convicting. Enjoy your reading!

  • This looks like a great list. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of them yet, but I guess I have a little bit of time yet to get them in. I read Passion for the Fatherless a few months ago and really liked that one, though it’s less about adopted children and more about how you get help orphans in general. Still a great read.

  • Adopted for Life, The Connected Child, & I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla are definitely some of our favorite reads. Definitely recommend all three of them! đŸ™‚ Now I’m putting Brown Babies Pink Parents on hold at the library – thanks for posting these! (P.S. We found you through Give1Save1 – praying for your journey!) Happy reading!

  • I like Brown Babies, Pink Parents and have only made it partway through Adopted for Life. I’ve also heard great things about The Connected Child.
    I also really enjoyed Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mom – it was a nice easy read (time-wise) but really thoughtful.

  • natalie

    thank you all for your recommendations! I’m adding them to my list!