Josh + an EP for adoption

Second talented friend deserving mention today: Josh Jones. 

If any two people are kindred spirits for us, it’s Josh and his wife, Kim. We’ve known them since the start of our time at our church, when we’d just started dating. And Josh was playing guitar the night we got engaged at a hymn sing.

We’ve gotten to walk with Josh and Kim as they felt the clear call to adopt domestically + started the process. Josh and Kim have been honest about their struggles with infertility, and we want so badly to see God bring them to parenthood through adoption. Right now, they’re raising money for the second half of their home study fee.

Josh is our worship pastor, and a big part of why we were initially drawn to our church is the worship there. He’s a talented songwriter, and we both really love singing as loudly as we can with Josh on Sundays.

One of the ways they’re raising funds are the sales of an EP Josh recently recorded called Let Your Glory Shine. You can pre-order it now. A digital copy is $4, and for $6, you get a digital and physical copy. Dear family, you’re getting one for Christmas! Blog readers, please consider buying one or more for yourself and others.

For a preview of Josh’s voice + style, check out this free Christmas tune he recently released. 

  • Natalie, Thanks for the kind words! We can’t wait to share this adventure of a story with our child one day and how Dan + Natalie were right there with us 🙂