photo (20)

January: get settled in to our first home together, see + love our wedding photos, decorate our walls with pretty things, Dan works especially long + hard hours, have our third wedding reception – this time in my hometown

photo (21)

February: have our first conversations about starting the adoption process in May, have an initial info call with our adoption agency, (unbeknownst to us, Theo and Elliot were born this month!), do our Valentine’s Day photobooth tradition, celebrate my 24th birthday

photo (24)

March: go to Medball + feel fancy, have a spring break staycation, travel to my cousin’s wedding in South Carolina, watch our “pet” bird lay two eggs in our windowsill, Dan works long hours again and writes me notes + prayers every morning

photo (30)

April: start interviewing for jobs, start to really get in the marriage/living together groove, mention to our immediate families that we’re thinking about adopting, go to an art + social change conference, decide to start the process as soon as I have a job, get a job!, contact home study agency, go to Dan’s (also fancy) scholarship banquet

photo (27)

May: submit our agency adoption application + first payment, start working in foster care adoptions, graduate with my Master’s in Social Work, jump straight into getting everything for our home study completed as quickly as possible, see This American Life Live, take a weekend road trip to Louisville

photo (31)

June: visit friends in my hometown for a bachelorette party + bridal shower, get fingerprinted, celebrate 6 months of marriage with massages + dinner, get a whole lot done for our adoption, take lots of walks

photo (28)

July: go back home for a friend’s wedding, announce we’re adopting to the rest of our family + friends, celebrate our church’s baby boom with a few baby showers, buy a crib

photo (29)

August: watch the Olympics almost every night, travel Dan’s hometown then on to Chicago for a friend’s wedding, make more headway on our adoption to-do list

photo (33)

September: take a weekend road trip to Kansas City, soak up the fall weather, see Glen Hansard perform, check our mailbox obsessively, worry I might lose my job, get an email early in the morning about twin baby boys, talk to our agency about twin baby boys, buy matching PJs for twin baby boys, unofficially accept referral for twin baby boys!, name them Theo + Elliot


October: keep the secret for a week until the piece of mail we’ve been waiting for finally comes, officially accept referral!, buy second crib, go pumpkin picking, get featured on Give 1 Save 1, visit college friends in Iowa, take a weekend road trip to Memphis, see Passion Pit perform

November: celebrate Dan’s 26th birthday, Dan’s residency interviews start, start working on adoption education courses, attend another wedding of friends, travel to Minneapolis for another cousin’s wedding, feel lots of worries related to adoption, travel to Hocking Hills to celebrate Thanksgiving + Christmas with Dan’s extended family, travel to Madison with Dan for another interview

photo (35)

December: more interviews for Dan, celebrate our one-year anniversary with  a weekend of festivities, receive very important + exciting adoption documents, celebrate Christmas at home – just the two of us, travel to Iowa to celebrate with my extended family, celebrate Christmas + New Year’s with Dan’s immediate family

  • Just found your blog and LOVE IT. I am working as an FSRP (does that mean anything where you are? Family Safety and Risk Prevention) and whew! it’s like pulling back the curtain on so many things. I love your story, love that you’re adopting, and love that you’re vulnerable along the way. Thanks for giving this Monday some sunshine! -Caroline