new houseguest

We signed up for Safe Families knowing there was quite a need in our city. While M was with us, our local branch sent out an email asking families to contact them if they have room in their homes this summer. Summer’s a time of high need for homes, I’ve learned. Not long after M left, we sent an email to the intake worker letting her know that we’d be happy to take another placement soon. We’re pretty flexible on age, gender, and placement length. They called us the next day!

That placement for this sweet one-year-old fell through today before we even picked her up. I’m praying that little girl’s momma gets the services she needs, regardless. In the meantime, more needs came up, so we agreed to take a two-year-old girl. Her momma has some pretty big needs, so they asked us to pick her up already tomorrow. Can’t say I thought I’d be parenting a little lady any time soon, but I’m super excited. (I may or may not have bought a little teal headband with a big bow at Target.) Dan starts work this week (more on that later), so please pray for all three of us and we transition into our new schedules and routines! 

Here we go again!

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  • Your family picture album will certainly be interesting and colorful. May you have a fun time with any little boys or girls who share your home.