our time with C

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Miss C came and went and I realized I didn’t say much about it. Our second Safe Families placement was much different than our first. And wouldn’t you know they’re both still on my mind every day?

M was kind of a crazy man. Hyper indeed. And he hated being in the car seat. Dan was home the whole time he was with us, too, so we just spent a lot of time hanging out at home and going places within walking distance. It took about three hours for M to get comfortable in our home. We know now that was likely due to a combo of his personality and his past unstable environments.

C was not happy to be away from her momma. For the first four days, she was the saddest and most serious child I have ever seen. Lots of crying and lots of clinging. I was happy to hold her and rock her and cuddle her as much as I needed to. I even hand-fed her a couple times. It was really kind of a crash course test in trauma-informed/attachment parenting. (A way of caring for kids from hard circumstances. This was one of the biggest topics of my social work grad studies and a big interest of mine, in general.) Once we made progress and helped C feel safe, she was awesome. She didn’t really misbehave at all, napped and slept great, and was a trooper when we went on errands. She loved reading and having me do her hair.

Her leaving was much less abrupt than M, for which I’m very thankful. No tears on my part this time. I knew she loved her momma and wanted to be with her, and I was happy to see them reunited. We saw her mom make significant progress on some things. My prayer when both M and C left was that they would be safe and they would have a knowledge of a good God.

We have absolutely loved parenting these two little houseguests. The ache to have T + E here instead is definitely there, but it comes and goes, and it hasn’t been hard to devote our energies to these little ones.

photo (44)

  • I wish I could have held, hugged, and read to M and C. You have been blessed !!