little city guides

cityintroLet’s be honest: I’ve got some time on my hands. Are ya up for a little ongoing blog series? 

Dan and I have taken many a road trip together since getting married. We love it. So much. And we’ve eaten and seen and done many things we loved, too. 

We’ve used the Design*Sponge city guides quite a few times (though they’re sometimes a bit extensive and also sometimes outdated). I also love getting trip recommendations from people whose tastes I trust. Maybe you do, too?

Our tastes aren’t impeccable by any means, and in some cases our interests when traveling are probably pretty narrow. But if you like food, art, scenic views, and hidden gems, I think you might enjoy these recommendations. I think.

I’m planning to slowly post little city guides for the places we have visited and lived. Among them: Milwaukee, Memphis, Louisville, St. Louis… and Spain! Right now, our recommendations are good for couples/friends on a bit of a budget. (Except for the Spain guide. We set aside a big chunk of wedding budget for that one!)

First post will be for Milwaukee, and it’s coming up soon! 

  • Jenny

    Hey Natalie!

    I’m headed to Memphis the weekend after next–any chance you could send me some visitor’s tips?

    • natalie

      hi, Jenny! I’ll email you!