taking stock

To say I’ve lately been living each day intentionally and reflectively would be a huge lie. Dan is working odd hours, and I have the worst time sleeping when he’s not home. I’ve been sleeping in with him, and today, I didn’t shower until 2p. In my defense: It was the most rainy, stormy morning. What’s it with staying in PJs on these kind of days?

It feels like much of the day is spent sleeping, but I’m avoiding guilt about it, as my sanity seems directly proportional to getting the amount of sleep I need. And honestly, it’s kind of fun to live it up like we’re teenagers again from time to time.

So, in an attempt to bring about some reflection and levity to an otherwise rainy, sleepy, sick day… 

Making: our front porch a little more homey with some on-sale purchases and Goodwill finds
Cooking: dishes with veggies from our Green Bean Delivery (just kidding, Dan’s mostly doing that)
Drinking: lots of Starbucks bottled ice coffees from Costco
Reading: The Fault in Our Stars
Wanting: true fall-like weather on a regular basis
Looking: for new friendships
Playing: Mario Kart too frequently
Wasting: even bits of the tiny cans of Diet Coke
Sewing: a skirt with African fabric once we get some good news
Wishing: for progress in our adoption case, movement in the right direction, and that good news…
Enjoying: being a dog owner
Waiting: for new seasons of our favorite TV shows
Liking: our upcoming travel plans
Wondering: when I will meet my sons
Loving: the new qualities I’m discovering in God
Hoping: for the opportunity to do some part-time/contract work
Marveling: at the affection I feel for this sweet husby of mine
Needing: to prioritize more often
Smelling: this candle
Wearing: my oldest pair of glasses
Following: the building excitement about the Influence Conference
Noticing: personal growth
Knowing: there’s a story being written that is grander than the one I can write on my own
Thinking: about packing for the workshop I’m attending in Chicago
Feeling: sick and sniffly
Bookmarking: my losing Fantasy Football team
Opening: tabs for email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and candles
Giggling: at Jimmy Fallon

[From this post. Do it yourself!]