3 apps for marriage + relationships

Are we coming off as the nerdiest couple ever? I initially scoffed at the ways Dan attempts to utilize technology in all aspects of his life. I’m quite the believer now, though. There are three apps we use on a regular basis that have improved our communication, dates, and ability to get stuff done.

Google Drive (to access Google Docs): We have used a shared Google Doc for date ideas since my dear friend Meredith shared her Google Doc of St. Louis to-dos with me. Having it shared and online has been great. Dan adds things he wants to do. I add places I want to eat. When we see we have time for a date and don’t have any ideas, we pull up the document and pick something. We cross out places once we visit them. Because it’s online, we can access it from our phones any time. We’ve used a Google Doc for other things, too. Residency program applications and interviews, house hunting, adoption fundraising ideas, things to get done before we travel to get the boys.

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Wunderlist: Oh, Wunderlist. My heart belongs to you. After a few months of Astrid frustration, we switched to Wunderlist. This is great, great, great if you remember to add things to your lists. Dan and I have shared lists for groceries, Target, other shopping, and home projects. You both add what you need to the list — granola bars under grocery, toilet paper at Target, and lightbulb changes under home projects. When one person checks off something, the other gets a notification, and it comes off the list.

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Yelp: Like I said yesterday, Yelp is awesome for when you’re out and about and want to find something to do. While road tripping, we use it to eat along the way. We’ve mostly been able to avoid McDonald’s and have stopped at some great local eateries thanks to Yelp.

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