thank you!

I was nervous to commit to writing every day for a month. And I was nervous to write about relationships and marriage. I’ve seen it done poorly. And it can be a touchy subject. It can quickly be prideful or even too revealing.

But this past month has been so encouraging for me! I’ve loved meeting the goal I set for myself. (Which happens so irregularly in my life, unfortunately!) I have enjoyed the challenge of thinking about ways I can encourage and equip other people. And it’s been fun to think critically about my relationship with Dan and some of the lessons I’m learning… or need to learn.

So, thank you for your encouraging comments and messages and emails! You are all so kind.

I got a few questions and post topics that I wasn’t able to cover in a full post. A few short thoughts on saying “I love you,” physical boundaries, and spiritual leadership are coming up.

0330photo by We Are the Parsons


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  • I enjoyed reading your blog – you did a great job, spoke to many readers and handled subjects with eloquence and tact. Thanks and please keep it up!

    • natalie

      thank you, Laura! you’re very kind. it was fun to write on this topic this past month, and it’s encouraged me to blog more regularly!