top 5 new posts in October

I think I’m still coming off some sort of blogging high from the 31 Days series. I really loved writing every day.


Here’s a recap of the five most-read posts from this past month:

6 Ways to Save Money As Newlyweds

Yes, getting married is fun. And getting your little home comfy with furniture and stocked up on toilet paper is expensive. We have done — and continue to do — several things to save us money during these first couple year of establishing our home.

Social Media, My Marriage + What I Won’t Post

Philippians 4:8 was spoken over me during a difficult time in my college dating days. It kicks my butt on a regular basis in all areas of life today. I struggle with this in my brain, and I don’t want to struggle with this on social media. Replace “think about these things” with “post about these things.” These are the things I want you to hear from me.

The Marriage Post I Didn’t Want to Write

I didn’t totally despise being single when I was. But now that I’ve seen the sweet redemption and growth that comes from a God-honoring marriage, I despise the idea of ever having to go back.

4 Questions to Ask When Considering Marriage

1. Is this the right season? Am I pushing for marriage even though I know now is not the right time for me? The wrong season may be during college, after college with huge debt, times you are grieving the loss or death of a significant person, when you are facing a health crisis, a time when you are recovering from an addiction, or right after you have become a Christian.

For Single Christian Men

Walk forward with much prayer and discernment. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Love her well. Learn to appreciate her for her strengths and encourage her in her weaknesses. Don’t scrutinize her as if you’re buying a used car. There is no such thing as a perfect wife, so stop looking for her.