I like Zulily

Flash sale and daily deals sites work under the assumption that we’ll buy things we don’t need, because we have to decide quickly. I understand this.

But I like Zulily, because they frequently have products I would buy anyways. It’s free to create an account, and they have pretty big discounts.

This past year, they’ve had deals on Toms twice! I’ve been able to get a few pairs for the boys, since I fully intend for them to wear Toms whenever possible. (Not because I’m that mom but because I love how versatile and comfy they are.)

Right now, they have a deal on BabyLit books! We had some of these on our registry. We don’t need them, but the idea of my boys reading Moby Dick and Sherlock Holmes is so dang cute. I bought them today!



Boon and Bumbo are also on there. We don’t have any of the Boon products available, but we love the little bowls and silverware sets we do have. All of our toddler-aged Safe Families kids have used them.



Zulily also frequently has deals on gender-neutral clothes, like Nui Organics. I’ve picked up a few little shirts I hope our boys and any future girls can wear!



Let it Snow: Winter apparel, accessories and home decor on sale at zulily

  • Jen Gregar

    Soooooo cute!!

    • natalie

      aren’t they, Jen? I keep coming back to this post to look at the cuteness.