our experience with Safe Families


My friend Sarah asked me to share our experience with Safe Families on her blog today, and I happily agreed. I want there to be more host families. Safe Families makes it very easy to participate — even if you’re newly married with a moderate income and relatively little parenting experience, as we are.
While I’ve shared here about our experience as the months have gone on, it was great to sit back and reflect on the past six months.
Our first placement, a two-year-old boy, rocked my world. He wore the clothes I thought only my sons would wear. He broke their toys. He tested my patience. He said “tank you” in the sweetest little voice. He called me “mommy” despite us explaining to him that my name was “Natalie.” I surprised myself when I cried after learning his momma was ready to have him back after one week. Then, I realized he was the first kid to ever call me “mom.” And I never dreamed the first would be a kid that wasn’t even mine.