week in photos: 11.11.13


After errands, I spent some time swinging at the park near our home and praying about our adoption process. I did this a lot in college, but I haven’t for several years. It was good.


I’ve discovered a lot of new stress management techniques in the last year. A recent favorite: a lavender eye pillow. It’s heavenly. 


I got my hair cut! The first hairdresser I tried in Indianapolis is the one I’m going to keep. Dan and I both go to her, and we think she’s great! 


Instead of a guest book, we had a wedding quilt. As its gotten colder, we’ve pulled it out for more often, and it’s fun to read the messages on it. I think Grandpa Guth’s has to be my favorite. 


Our area had a lot of severe storms and tornadoes yesterday. Thankfully, the tornadoes went north and south of us. This rainbow showed up our out back door right before the storms started. Thank you, Jesus!


Our Adopt Shoppe necklace auction fundraiser was super fun + hugely successful! Kate, the jewelry maker, blessed us hugely by allowing us to auction her necklaces. We’ll be sharing our total raised + tips for a successful online auction soon! 

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  • Margaret

    Great hair cut!

    • natalie

      thank you! now if I can figure out how to curl it like she does…