six months in our new city


Well, we’ve lived in central Indiana for six months now.

I wish I had something profound to say about our time here so far, but I’m not sure I do. It’s gone by quickly. It’s been lonely at times. It’s frequently been fun.

The transition from moving to vacationing to Dan starting residency was very quick. We’re both happy with how we timed our move. The month or so of traveling and settling into our home was much-needed. We were able to host sweet M, explore a bit, and visit some churches before Dan’s schedule really ramped up.

It has been lonely for me, though. Making friends as an adult out of college is hard. I’ve read articles and blog posts on how to do it. And I’m just not convinced I have the go-getter sort of attitude is requires. Dan’s classmates and co-workers are great. But I still sometimes get lost in the medical talk and experiences and stories. Can we talk about adoption? I know about that.

I’ve admittedly not given it my best shot. I underestimated how much I would miss people in St. Louis. And I knew full well how much I would miss these two little boys I haven’t met.

It seems that everyone I meet has plenty of friends already, you know? I’m sure others who have moved have felt that, too. Or, I might just be weary. There’s that.

The one consolation has been our church. We love it. I’m happy we were able to pretty quickly identify the best church for us. We quickly joined a Bible study, and we’ve discovered some fast friends there.

Dan and I have had a lot of fun. Our personalities and interests lend well to exploring new places. This is certainly why we choose to travel as much as we do. We’ve definitely found some favorite spots here, but we still talk about our St. Louis spots more than these.


I never dreamed we’d be the family that moves frequently. (My family moved when I was in the middle of fourth grade, and it hurt my little soul so much, I swore I’d never do it to my kids.) But, here we are, thinking about the past. Dreaming about the future. Entertaining the idea of living in St. Louis again. Having weekly conversations about the Pacific Northwest.

There’s something to be said about a need to fight for contentment, isn’t there? Still working on that one.

We agreed on this: We’re here for three years. Let’s invest fully for two years and start talking about future homes then. So far, we’re doing a decent job. But I know I could do better.

But today, off I go to encourage prospective foster parents in my city. Off we go to have dinner with prospective future residents. Off I go to talk about why we chose Indianapolis.

God’s got a purpose for my time here, whether it’s three years or thirty. And He’s even got a purpose for my day. Maybe that’s what I have to say about our time here so far.


  • Moving is so hard as an adult. We are talking about our future too and whether it includes us staying where we are or going elsewhere. When you have an inkling that this isn’t the long term place, it’s hard to stay settled. Learning to be content in places that aren’t your favorite is so hard. You and I are both learning a lot about all those things aren’t we?

  • Kristen

    I came across your post when reading about foster to adopt. I hope to someday name on of ours sons Theo and Elliot (although I might also use it for a girl’s name).My husband and I are just starting all of the training for it in January. We also have moved recently. December 1 was 6 months, and I can sure relate! It is hard to make friends out of college! Even with our church that we love, we feel that everyone is so spread out and busy. I am also a huge fan of She Reads Truth.

    I have enjoyed reading your words.

    • natalie

      hi, Kristen! I love all of our similarities. do you have a blog? I’d love to follow your journey!

  • I found your must-do post for Indianapolis from Pinterest and I’m so glad I did! We just rounded out a year here, though my in-laws and husband have lived her for years – and I totally sympathize with your struggles to make friends as adults in a new city! A home church is a good place to start, but I’ve met some interesting people in just striking up conversations on the street as well.

    • natalie

      I’m glad you found me, too! our church has been great so far, but I do need to give a better attempt to pursuing friendships through other avenues. I think I’m too shy for conversations on the street! I wish it wasn’t the case.