week in photos: 11.18.13


I may have requested it, but my mom agreed to it! Oscar’s Christmas present from my parents is a DNA test. Will be polling your guesses on his breed mix soon.


Dan started a new, difficult rotation this week. This means I’m regularly making dinner for first time in a really long time. 


Dan’s new rotation means he’s up before the sun is up. Oscar misses morning sleeping in and snuggles, I think. He snuggled as close to Dan as he could the second we let him in bed on Dan’s day off.


Never thought we’d see the day our adoption fingerprints expired. But they are. So we got new ones. Same deal, different city. We made a date about it.


Target is rocking it with these dollar bin goodies. I snagged some to beautify my new job papers and files. 


I went on a cleaning spree today. Until I crashed in bed. 

  • How funny- when I saw that line in Target I thought of you and your blog’s style!

    • natalie

      you know me well 🙂