week in photos: 11.25.13


I never thought I’d see the day in which I made and ate Brussels sprouts. But it happened. 


I went to a local fabric shop, Crimson Tate, and got a smoothie from the juice truck, Natural Born Juicers, outside. It was lovely!


The BabyLit books I ordered from Zulily came. I will read this with my sons next year. 


We had our own little Thanksgiving a day early. The turkey was delicious, and we’ll have leftovers for days to come. 


Still training this little guy. He’s a bit stubborn. 


I got to spend a couple days in Iowa with my family. I didn’t take my phone out a lot, but I did document a nap on the couch with one of their dogs. 


I spent most of Small Business Saturday driving, so I stopped at Peoria’s best local coffee shop on the way home.

  • I always look forward to your comments, Natalie. It was great seeing you and Oscar. It was a wonderful day, but I missed Dan.

    • natalie

      I missed Dan, too! I fear it will be another couple years before he’s around on a regular basis. glad I got to spend time with you!