mix + match Advent calendar

a mix + match Advent calendar using Love from Ginger's DIY Forest Advent

What is it about this season that breeds a need for perfection that we just can’t quite attain? I give you permission to mix + match Advent calendars. You don’t need to implement each one perfectly. And you can have an Advent calendar even if you don’t have kids.

Here’s ours.

mix + match Advent calendar mix + match Advent calendar mix + match Advent calendar

I knew I wanted to clip things to the twine on our existing photo frame (from our wedding!) that always hangs in our dining room. We had the clothespins, but I ordered the little kraft paper bags and some cardstock from Amazon.

I browsed Pinterest for several days for printable graphics that could be flat and didn’t need to be ironed on to something or made into 3D little boxes. I couldn’t find anything I loved.

Then, I found Love from Ginger’s DIY Printable Forest Advent Calendar! The designs are modern and the colors match several of the colors in our house. These little trees were perfect! 

Instead of doing her full Advent design — which is very cute but just too much work for me — I clipped the trees along with the little paper bags.

We had already planned to read John Piper’s free eBook of daily readings for Advent, Good News of Great Joy. (It’s free to download on eReaders, or if you don’t have one, you can access the PDF online.)

Each day has a coordinating scripture. I printed out the scriptures and cut them into little strips to stuff in the paper bags.

Though I wanted badly to put candy or gifts all for ourselves in the bags, scripture makes more sense for us. I’m admittedly not great at remembering to do an Advent reading every day, so our bright Advent calendar will be a great reminder.

Happy December!

  • pauline

    GREAT idea (clever) just like you ….

    • natalie

      oh, thanks, Grandma 🙂

  • Very cute! Love the colors.

    • natalie

      thanks, Mom! we love the colors, too.

  • Love this!

  • lizbethjoy

    Love this! It is so cute! and I love that you did scriptures! That is one thing that I love most about our Advent Calendar!