best podcasts for road trips: 99% Invisible

best podcasts for road trips: 99% Invisible

May I share one of the best podcasts for road trips — 99% Invisible — and a few of my favorite episodes? Here they are.

99% Invisible — A podcast about design and architecture, but I’m convinced anyone with even a little curiosity about design would love it. They just held a highly-successful Kickstarter campaign to make more episodes and better-support their staff and interns.

Revolving DoorsLife-changing. Is that too bold to say? I’ve been consistently using revolving doors since hearing this. From 99% Invisible: “The story goes like this: Theophilus Van Kannel hated chivalry.  There was nothing he despised  more than trying to walk in or out of a building, and locking horns with other men in a game of “oh you first, I insist.” But most of all, Theophilus Van Kannel hated opening doors for women. He set about inventing his way out of social phobia. And that’s how, 1888, Theophilus Van Kannel was awarded US Patent #387571 A for a “Storm-door structure,” which would soon become known as the revolving door.”

I Heart NY, TMWill make you look at products differently. I’ve seen this come up a lot lately, especially with Etsy shops and the like. From 99% Invisible: “By now, the story is well known. A man sits in the backseat of a cab, sketching on a notepad as night falls over a crumbling city. He scribbles the letter I. He draws a heart. And then an N, and then a Y. Right away he knows he’s got something. This is it, he thinks.”

HeyoonThe best. I couldn’t get out of the car to fill out with gas when this was still going. It speaks to the teenager in me. Dan and I have high hopes of seeing Heyoon some day. From 99% Invisible: “Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Alex Goldman was a misfit. Bored and disaffected and angry, he longed for a place to escape to. And then he found Heyoon. The only way to find out about Heyoon for someone to take you there. It was like there was this secret club of kids who knew about it. Alex got initiated when he was fifteen.”

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