goals for this month (watch me crash and burn)

I THINK I CAN by Matthew Taylor Wilson

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, because I may be one of the least disciplined people you know. I’m exaggerating, but… seriously.

I have had three daily goals for several years now: Read for fun, exercise, and spend intentional time praying and reading the Bible. It’s a miracle day when I do all three. Because it’s so not easy for me to do all three, I’ve loaded my efforts into a daily quiet time.

As I inch toward motherhood (the kind where your children actually like in your home), my desire to be more disciplined grows. Specifically, my desire to be more healthy, to have fewer things, and to live in a cleaner, better organized home.

Two January goals presented themselves. So, my goals for this month are:

A Little Too Fluffy: A six-week weight loss challenge put on by two women whose blogs I regularly read. It was $20 to opt-in, and the top three percentage losers will get most of the money. I don’t expect to win, but the money commitment is what I need to get serious about it.

My goals for this are simple: No desserts. If desserts are a must, split a very small portion with Dan. (Just pretend with me that there are times desserts are a must. Waiting adoptive parents know all about it). Go out to eat less. Eat more protein-filled foods. Drink more water. Exercise five times a week. (I’m counting Wii games that make me sweat. The Y is too far for five times a week.)

I’m not sure I’ll ever regularly blog about my self-esteem and weight “history,” but it is truly a very constant struggle for me. January is a good month to restart, and Dan’s doing it with me. I’ll post an update later, but it will probably just be titled: I Crashed and Burned or I Gained Weight.

Apartment Therapy’s January Cure: Daily tasks in January to clean up, clean out, and organize your home (and your mind). Things like: Buy flowers, clean the floors, hang a piece of artwork, try a media fast.

So far, so good! Yesterday, we made a list of projects in Wunderlist. Things like: Organize the toys, declutter the dresser, purge clothes, books, DVDs, CDs, superglue the broken blinds. My cousin recently showed me Twice, a mail-in consignment site, so I’m going to try it for my clothes. And my momma got me a beautiful jewelry box for Christmas, which will help very much with the cluttered dresser issue.

This weekend’s main task is to clean the floors. Our dog, Oscar, sheds a surprising amount. We recently got a new, lightweight vacuum very much on sale, and I am all over vacuuming these days. We also have a Bona, since our home is primarily hardwood.

I’m feeling really hopeful about January Cure. A Little Too Fluffy, though? I’m scared. But here we go… I know even a little progress will feel good! 

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  • Hannah A.

    Let me be the first to encourage you! My own goals for this month are similar.
    They include organizing and decluttering in anticipation of moving to a slightly smaller apartment and taking time to do some strength and yoga-stretch type exercise which will help (hopefully) relieve some lower back pain.

    • natalie

      thanks for this encouragement, Hannah! how are you doing on your goals? I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my efforts + the results so far. but it’s been less than a week… *sigh*

      • Hannah A.

        De-cluttering has definitely been a success, however, exercise has been limited because of the time spent moving. Ha!

        So glad your efforts are paying off! Have you considered starting a recipe binder for all your new favorites?

        • natalie

          hi, Hannah. I’m using Pinterest to organize recipes. I move them to “tried it + loved it.” it works well!

  • I read your post this morning and couldn’t help think “me too! me too!” Being from Central Indiana, I find that we are in similar places in our lives. Ever since I resigned from my job over the summer I’ve found myself less disciplined too. As we also pursue adoption it’s been in my heart to become more disciplined with my health and in organizing and maintaining our home. I’m also doing the January cure as well, and am starting a new health routine on Monday. I do not do New year’s resolutions. It just so happens with our travel schedules and hectic summer I really stopped taking care of myself and over the past two months have been much less diligent about my household responsibilities. I also use wunderlist. How do you like it by the way? I just started using it and am still experimenting with another task manager. I also have the same three daily goals though I’m terrible keeping them. We also have a dog named Oscar, who sheds a ton.

    • natalie

      all these similarities are so crazy and fun! I’ve been surprised by how much discipline a full-time in-office job was bringing to my life. I miss it a little bit now. what’s the health routine you’re trying? mine has so little structure, I’m always interested in what others are doing. we love Wunderlist! just loaded it up with groceries for a trip tomorrow. what kind of dog it your Oscar?

      • Our Oscar is a pug. And I”m doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox. It’s also a primal/paleo primer diet & an elimination diet. The latter is what appealed to me. It is soooooo restrictive though. There are three different levels and I am doing level 2. This is my second time around. We’ll see how that goes!

        • natalie

          best wishes, April!

  • Your comments remind me of the times I wondered why old women (and some men) have such a clutter around their favorite chair. Now I know the answer–I have a lamp table nearby where I can keep newspapers, business papers to be filed, phone book, dictionary, pencils, pens, magic markers, nail file, coffee mugs and coasters, telephone, etc. as well as the
    T.V. remote. Then on a nearby, wide window sill I have to-do lists, lift chair remote, etc. These things reduce the number of often-needed items and also reduce the number of times I need to get up and down. You will understand as you grow older.

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