Christmas card reuse idea

I’ve had a 1″ circle punch sitting around for months now. It was meant for a project for the boys’ room that I just can’t bring myself to do yet.

We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and organization during our past couple snow days. With that came taking down the Christmas cards we received from friends + family.

It makes me sad to throw such pretties in the trash can. So, ta da, they became gift tags for next year’s Christmas gifts!

Christmas card reuse: gift tags

+ Christmas cards
+ 1″ circle punch, like this
+ small hole punch, like this
+ twine, yarn, ribbon, etc.

1" circle punch
small hole punch

Seriously simple.

+ Use the 1″ hole punch (or bigger, if you prefer) to punch to pretty parts of the cards you received.

+ If you wish to string the tags instead of tape them, use a smaller hole punch to create a hole near the edge.

+ Lace through your twine, yarn, etc.

+ Pop them in a Ziploc, and pack away with your Christmas decorations for next year.

Christmas card reuseChristmas card reuseChristmas card reuse


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  • mkzumbrun

    Awesome idea! Also, I have recommended Doppelgangers all over the place since listening to it!

    • natalie

      thanks! glad you enjoyed Doppelgangers!

  • love this idea, Nat!

    • natalie

      I’m glad, Steph, because you’ll probably get some on your gifts next year! 🙂

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