lists: my greatest comforts

I love lists. So I’m going to occasionally join in with Moorea Seal during the year. I probably won’t be doing one a week. Just one whenever the topic excites me.

Watercolor Quilt by Alison Tauber

My Greatest Comforts
The knowledge of a loving, caring God
Dan’s back rubs
A warm latte
A hooded sweatshirt
My weird, furry slippers
A warm shower
A cool bed
Mac + cheese
The sound of pouring rain
Soft, fluffy snow
Our dog, Oscar, in my lap
A warm cookie
Slow, consistent, recognizable melodies
Balmorhea‘s music
Our marriage quilt
The feel + smell of a brand new book
Old hymns
Holding Dan’s hand
Mashed potatoes
The scent of lavender
A lit candle
Hearing my parents say they love me