catching up: anniversary, Spanish food, New Year’s Eve

There’s adoption and Christmas and #alittletoofluffy, but there’s a lot of other things that have gone on lately, too. So, catching up on some of the fun that happened in December…

Anniversary: Our 2-year anniversary was in mid-December. What? Yeah. Only two years. The time has felt longer and shorter in all the best ways. We went to dinner on our actual anniversary and talked through our yearly anniversary questions. I really recommend them… We’ve enjoyed the practice of asking the same questions each year.

anniversary check-in questions

The Friday after our anniversary, we cashed in an amazing Cyber Monday deal on a hotel stay at The Alexander. We also went to the Nutcracker and had dinner at an Indianapolis staple.

We spent dinner talking about our desires for our family. We both seem to share a large amount of frustration about the time it’s taking to become parents…. but also huge enjoyment of the plentiful time we have to focus on each other. And so much excitement about what the future years will bring.

Honeymoon restaurant: Several months ago, we were reminiscing about our favorite Spanish restaurant chain, 100 Montaditos. Looking for US locations, I discovered that while there was really only a couple locations in Miami, one was opening up very close to my hometown! So, while in Iowa for Christmas, we went!

We were giddy. Same decor, same drinks, same food. I might have even gotten a little emotional. And we will be going back every time we’re in Iowa.

little things + big stuff at 100 Montadiots

New Year’s Eve: Dan had a week off work — thank you, Lord! — and it included New Year’s Eve. We had zero party invites. All the events around the city required tickets above our price range. Except for one… A free 1940s murder mystery party with a balloon drop at midnight. The guest list was capped at 300 people, and we were a little late discovering the event. We got off the waitlist a few days before, though, and went in search of a fur stole.

1940s murder mystery party attire

We were successful! I hit Pinterest for some inspiration, and we had tons of fun dressing up. The murder mystery “scenes” were a little hard to follow, so we gave up on that and ate cookie dough, pasta, and grapes until midnight. (Seriously, the event center served cookie dough.) That party was probably the only place you could find people ballroom dancing to ‘Blurred Lines’ on New Year’s Eve.

New Year's Eve balloon drop — Sanctuary on Penn in IndianapolisWe kissed at midnight while the balloons fell all around us. It was really as romantic and magical as it sounds.

  • Love your anniversary questions! Just might have to file those away. Crazy thing is I just found out last night I know your sister-in-law. My husband went to the same church she does here in Indy before we were married and we share a good mutual friend. Crazy small world. : )

    • natalie

      thanks, Emily! and that *is* crazy. lots of people know her, so I’m not too surprised!