100 happy days

#100happydays photo challenge

I recently discovered 100 Happy Days via another adoptive momma friend. The idea is to post one thing a day for 100 days that makes you happy. Because there is much to be happy about. Even in the midst of waiting. Even in the midst of discouragement. Even in the midst of a cold, cold winter.

Maybe I’m getting cocky after a small about of weight loss success, but I’m giving #100happydays a try. I created my own hashtag for T + E, so I can track my photos and eventually make a book for them. I want to be a happy mom, and if I dig deep, I always have a lot about which to be happy. Follow along on Instagram, if you wish.

And let’s be honest, I’m praying I meet them within 100 days. We would love your prayers for our adoption process. It is finally sounding like we will get some news in the next couple weeks. There will be more hurdles, but if we get good news, we’ll have some good things confirmed. Wouldn’t it be so sweet for pictures of T + E to become part of my #100happydaysforTandE?