health challenge, week 5: indie workout playlist

One more week to go! I’ve already signed up for another challenge that’s going on right now via DietBet. More on that later… I’m thinking about hosting my own!

Hills by by 2birdstone
Hills by by 2birdstone

What I did:
+ Managed to work out five times. Dan was a big help spending time with A in the morning or evening so I could sneak away.

+ Ate a couple meals of Goldfish crackers on the run with A. Oops. We treated ourselves to Chick-fil-A one night, but for the most part, I was able to uphold healthy meals with a little one around. A ate some of them with us, too. She loved the crockpot chicken taco chili we made. Definitely something we want to establish with the boys — a you eat what we eat kind of policy.

+ Drove straight past a cupcake shop I had been wanting to try. We’ve been doing great avoiding sweets, because we don’t buy them. It’s harder when they pop up unexpectedly. Like getting lost and seeing a cupcake place that’s supposed to be amazing.

How I feel:
+ Pretty great! I use an app, Lift, to track goals, and this past week, I checked off my 29th work out. Working out has become an enjoyable habit for me. And it’s never been  enjoyable or a habit for me.

+ Excited about our local Y. I enjoy going there for work outs… It’s nice and bright, which I value. This week, I got to take A there to play for a while. We interacted with several families who were very kind to shy, scared, sometimes mean A and to me, her apparent mother. When we visited, we were excited about the diversity and sense of community we observed there, so it’s nice to get a least a little sense that it’s real. These are things you consider when praying to soon be an official transracial family.

What I lost:
+ Another three pounds this week! 
I just saw the standings, and I might actually have a chance at placing in the top three. I never thought I would, and it was never about winning, but I think I’ll give it my very best shot this week! I need to lose a few more to get to my goal. (Despite having a pretty bad cold right now…)

And, for fun, here’s an indie workout playlist with some of my favorites! Music is by far my biggest motivation to work out longer. It’s a tragedy when my iPod dies.

indie workout playlist

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  • Jaime Brinkman

    Way to go! I am so glad you love your Y. I joined a Y about four months ago and it has changed my attitude towards a healthy lifestyle! The Y is more than a gym to me!

    • natalie

      yes! yay for the Y!

  • Trisha

    Awesome job, Natalie. If you hosted a challenged, I’d join 🙂

    • natalie

      thanks, Trisha! I hope you can do this next one with me 🙂