lists: ways I can show love to others

Since I’ve gone from a full-time in-office job to a part-time work-from-home job, it seems the number of daily interactions I have has drastically decreased. Regardless, I still go to the store, to church, to clients’ homes, to the Y, and to social events. And I interact with a lot of people online.

This presents many opportunities to show love to people besides the one person with whom I live.

Love Beautifying in Watercolor by Jenna Blazevich
Love Beautifying in Watercolor by Jenna Blazevich

Ways I Can Show Love to Others

Show genuine interest in how their day has been going
Send detailed, personalized responses to general questions
Send encouraging notes
Express gratitude through thank you notes
Invite them to church
Invite them to events or dinner or coffee
Share extra food, cookies, etc.
Remember special events and milestones in their lives
Speak highly of them to others
Avoid gossip and unkind words
Make eye contact
Give unexpected gifts
Invite others into my home
Celebrate their joys
Apologize freely
Forgive quickly
Recognize when questions should be asked or space should be given
Donate to causes about which they care
Teach instead of show
Listen well, especially when disagreeing
Tip more than usual
Pay for others’ coffee, meals, tickets, etc.
Point out positive characteristics and talents

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