homemade Valentine’s Day card: podcasts

For nearly every birthday, anniversary, and Valentine’s Day I’ve known him, Dan has made me cards. I have kept them all, and last night, I finally bought a keepsake box for them and other mementos from our relationship. This year’s homemade Valentine’s Day card  was pretty great.

Disclaimer: Podcasts have played a significant role in our relationship. We first connected over a mutual love of Conan, photography, Jesus, and…. This American Life. We took many road trips to our parents’ homes while dating and many road trip vacations since being married. We listen to podcasts and discuss them much of the ride.

We recently discovered 99% Invisible and added it to our repertoire. The host, Roman Mars, has convinced us we want to be his friends. He has kindly replies when we tweet at him to share a story idea or how much we enjoyed certain episodes.

I thought he’d probably like the card Dan made, so I tweeted a photo of it to him. He retweeted it, and it was retweeted and favorited over and over again by fellow podcast lovers. That husby Dan is a great graphic designer. 

podcast-inspired homemade Valentine's Day card

If you’re looking to get into podcasts, may I recommend my favorite episodes from…
This American Life
The Moth
99% Invisible


  • Can’t even tell you how much I love this 🙂

    • natalie

      isn’t it great? he’s so good at this stuff 🙂

  • Lisa

    I thought he made that on the NPR website when I first saw it. That they had come up with the idea and you just put your persons name into the thing and it made it.

    • natalie

      that’s quite the compliment, Lisa! I’ll make sure he knows that! 🙂