recovery from brain surgery


Recovery from brain surgery. I’m doing really, really well, all things considered. 

The doctors believe the tumor was a meningioma. With a 95% chance of being benign. My follow-up appointment is on Wednesday afternoon, at which time I pray the pathology will be back to confirm it was most definitely benign-not-malignant-with-no-need-to-do-more.

The first few days home were characterized by naps and leaning to one side and not lifting my feet high enough for the stairs on the first try. Each morning, I’ve gotten up feeling more steady and more normal. A few days ago, I didn’t feel I’d be able to run in a straight line, but now, I’m sure I most definitely could. 

I haven’t taken the pain meds since Saturday, and I haven’t been taking naps. I feel nearly 100% despite a big cut in my head. 


I’ve driven to church, gone out to eat with my in-laws, and worshipped with my husband. I’m going up and down the stairs at a more normal pace. I’m able to get ready for the day without needing to sit down and rest. 

I’ve written thank yous to anyone and everyone, including my nurses. Last job I would want, but they were so gracious and kind despite my fears.

I finally picked up and finished The Fault in Our Starsa book about young adults with cancer, during my down time. No better time than now, right? I want to force myself into processing illness and death and my apparent fear of it all.

I also have a huge, related fear of hospitals. I have neglected visiting friends so not to step foot in them. Sitting with my dad in my hospital room, I realized my fear probably comes from seeing him so sick with pneumonia when I was six or so.

So, for now: Processing, relaxing, looking forward to Wednesday. 


Disclosure: Affiliate link used for book. 

  • Thanks for the update! For some reason some of the text isn’t showing up for me (is it in white?) and I had to copy and paste the article into word to read it.

    • natalie

      hi, Laura, I’m sorry about that! it looks normal on my end, so I’m not sure what to do about it.

      • Eh it happens sometimes, maybe it was just me! 🙂 So glad you and you’re mom are doing better!

        • natalie

          thanks, Laura!