celebrating T + E’s 2nd birthday

celebrating our soon-to-be-adopted sons' birthdays from home

A few weeks ago, we celebrated T + E’s second birthday. I thought for sure they’d be home for this one, but no such luck. We had two options: mope and moan or celebrate their lives. 

making chicken moambe

I anticipated my grumpiness and communicated with Dan. I’m finally learning how useful this is for our marriage. I asked him to please work hard to get home early enough that we would have time to prepare and celebrate before our nightly obligations. 

birthday Oscar

We chose to celebrate their birth country, their culture, their two years of life, and the people who have impacted those two years. 


We made a traditional meal, covered our table in fabric from their country, bought cupcakes, and gave them a highly-recommended book about a young girl in Africa. We spent time praying for them — their health, their safety, their daily lives, and their little hearts. 

second birthday adoption celebration

It was bittersweet, but necessary. We want them to be able to see these photos and know how celebrated and anticipated they were. Now let’s just pray this is the last birthday they aren’t here…

traditional meal

Disclosure: Affiliate link used for book. 

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  • This is a beautiful way to deal with the hardship of waiting.