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Moorea Seal’s list project topic today was also the marriage challenge topic Dan and I discussed a few nights ago. It’s quite fresh on my mind, and it’s fun to think about.

I have always enjoyed traveling, and it’s become even more special since being married to Dan. I loved it with my family and friends, but sharing first-time adventures with Dan has been so much fun. I count it a true blessing to have been able to travel so much in my short life. I know that’s not an opportunity many people get.  

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Places I Want to Go

+ T+E‘s birth country!
+ Ireland: urban and rural areas
+ Denmark: heard it’s really clean, and I’m partially Danish
+ Iceland
+ Puerto Rico
+ Charleston, South Carolina
+ The Hamptons: to stay at this beautiful Airbnb place!
+ Hawaii: I’ve been, but I want to go with Dan
+ South Korea: to visit my college roommate
+ Singapore
+ Eugene, OR
+ cabin on Lake Michigan
+ Grand Rapids, MI
+ Lisbon, Portugal
+ Santorini, Greece
+ New Zealand

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  • My husband & I have talked about if we could travel where we would want to go, we always have different ideas.

    • natalie

      ah, that would certainly put a damper on it! Dan does lean toward warm places more than I do.

  • If you ever go to Eugene, OR please let me know so I can see you and meet Dan!

    • natalie

      I will, Allison! we’ve even considered living there.