Kleenex Style + our bathroom

This post is sponsored by Kleenex, but thoughts are all my own. 


Our downstairs bathroom is my least favorite. And the one guests most frequently see.

The door is too big for the frame, so it doesn’t close all the way. Even to latch it, you must pull it as tight as possible with one hand while latching it with the other.

The toilet is surprisingly light and not attached to the floor. Lean one way, and the toilet seems to lean with you. 

The space between the base of the sink and the wall is just small enough that our rug doesn’t fit. Part of the rug ends up under the sink base — which is also not fully attached to the floor. A theme in our little rental home? Or the rug curls up against the wall.


I can’t bear to part with the rug, because it adds some much-needed color to an otherwise boring little room. If you visit our home, you’ll see we like color. Used tastefully, of course, I think…

We have soap on the sink and a turquoise hand towel to match the rug. I put a reed diffuser on the windowsill. And some art — a paper weaving of significant keepsakes acquired while we dated — on the wall. We always keep tissues in this room, too. 


Despite this, I’ve still been bothered that there’s not more style, color, and pattern in that little downstairs bathroom. 

When the opportunity to review Kleenex Style tissue boxes came up, I went for it. Issac Mizrahi designed four Kleenex boxes, and, um, we kind of love him. (Hello, ‘Project Runway: All Stars.’)

image (18)

I bought a pack with Mizrahi-designed boxes at Target. Two Rose Blue — perfect for our turquoise- and blue-colored downstairs bathroom.


And two Reptile — perfect for our yellow, black, and white upstairs bathroom.


I really like what they add to our bathrooms. It’s nice to have a punchy pattern in an otherwise boring room. And just in time for allergy season and summertime guests. Woo hoo!