one year in Indianapolis

I can’t help but compare this adjustment to the adjustment I made when moving to St. Louis a tiny bit less than four years ago. This move was a fair amount easier. I knew no one in St. Louis, and I went through a huge adjustment in my grad program which was quite challenging for me despite seeming so easy for everyone else.

Indianapolis: We knew a couple people here. It was my first move with my husband. I love our home, and I love our neighborhood. We love the city, though we miss St. Louis more than we expected.

It took some time to find a church, but we found one, and we’re happy with it. It continues to be a huge encouragement for us both.

The best parts of moving to Indianapolis: Probably mostly yet-to-be-decided.

I’ve loved watching Dan slip into his new role as a resident. He’s good at it, and he enjoys it. I’ve enjoyed having a home — not just an apartment. I think I like this part-time work-from-home thing I’ve got going on, too.

Hmmm. To sum it up: This first year was not at all what we expected it will be. But it was still really good. And I’m seeing that we might be the kind of couple that really likes moving and exploring new cities.

We have two more certain years here. I don’t know yet if we’ll stay or go. We’re continuing to dive into friendships, church, and work before deciding. 

One year in Indianapolis down. Bring on the next one!