asking for more work

Rooftops by Dozi

Rooftops by Dozi

My responsibilities as a part-time foster care home study coordinator have been going really well. It’s so nice to get out once again visiting families’ homes. With it has come some tricky situations and ethical dilemmas, but that’s social work, and it fuels me in an I-totally-don’t-want-to-deal-with-this-but-I-think-I-enjoy-the-challenge kind of way.

Because of the way my agency’s process works, part of my job has become following up with individuals after training to assess their continued interest. So, I may take one four new cases, and only one of them is still interested in foster parenting and appropriate for the job. My caseload has been lighter than I expected. 

My mood has been lower lately for many reasons, but also because whether I want to admit it or not work fuels my energy level to some extent. Not shopping or watching “The Price Is Right.” And I really think I’m being called to contribute to our family’s income more right now than I have been.

So, I think I need another job or a full-time job or more opportunities? I have to tell you, as a family of two with not-the-hugest-friend-circle, it’s daunting to look at Dan’s schedule for the next month and see how little time he’ll have off. He is really fun, but as I’ve learned, I can’t rely on him to fill up my cup.  

I will tell you something quite honestly that I know you already know about me: I struggle with always always looking for the next new, exciting opportunity. Yesterday, in the span of a day, I looked into counseling degrees, teacher certifications, tutoring opportunities, and international exchange student coordinator positions.

All of the options I was seeing seemed yuck, and I got upset. All because I was too scared to ask for other opportunities at my part-time agency. The agency that has been awesome and convenient and flexible and pays well. I know. Makes no sense.

Well, this morning I found myself asking for more work from my agency. And it looks like I shall receive. The new responsibilities might depart from foster care, and they might be more challenging, and I’m okay with it.

So, other shy ladies afraid of the ask: Just ask! You know what is best for you or your family right now. You may get a “no” and it may be awkward but it also may be good.