a check-in post

Rings by 2birdstone
Rings by 2birdstone

This here blog is just constantly changing, isn’t it? Frequency, topic, personalness, interestingness. Sorry about that. I’m still here! Just busy.

Let’s do a check-in.
Making: changes + updates to our home decor. Adding more simplicity and child-friendliness as often as we can in hopeful anticipation for T + E’s still yet-to-be-determined arrival.

Cooking: only slightly more than usual while Dan — the usual cook — works until 7p or later every night.

Drinking: lots of Coke Zero.

Reading: The Introvert’s Way, after finishing The Goldfinch. Both are great, though very different.

Wanting: routine. More than ever. I’m trying to establish it on my own, despite having very few constraints during this current season of life. Right now: quiet time, exercise, lunch, errands, work, dinner, time with Dan.

Looking: at the possibility of one last (I HOPE) babymoon. We still have frequent flier miles to cash in from Dan’s residency interview travels.

Playing: Heads Up!, the app inspired by a game Ellen plays on her show that she now frequently uses on her show. Cracks us up.

Wasting: produce, because we still have not mastered eating everything we have before it goes bad.

Sewing: nothing, but pinning many crafts that would require it.

Wishing: we have seen more progress in our adoption case. Others have, which means good things overall (I think), but we have been in a holding pattern since February.

Enjoying: morning walks with Oscar, our dog. There’s a long paved trail near our house, and I’ve been walking four to five miles most days, iTunes radio and Map My Walk running on my phone.

Waiting: for a good night to hit up Chow Down Midtown in our city. We’ve got our eyes on Delicia’s menu.

Liking: Target’s Cartwheel app. A LOT. Too much?

Wondering: where we’ll be living in two years. Indianapolis has been wonderful, but could we end up elsewhere?

Loving: Dan. So much. I’ve been a pain to be around several recent days, but he continues to go after my heart.

Hoping: to raise a few more adoption monies. Applying for every grant I can get my hands on (exaggeration), and thinking about the possibility of a few fundraisers.

Needing: to remember my identity is in a God who delights in me.

Smelling: the candle I got from Candelles. Support small businesses when possible!

Wearing: See by Chloe perfume.

Following: so many wonderful women on Instagram. I like pretty pictures, but what I like most is pictures + stories of real, everyday life.

Noticing: nature… trees, plants, flowers, animals, people. My morning walks are encouraging a need for more intense, purposeful observation of my surroundings.

Feeling: slightly off of emotionally steady. But pretty close, still. And given the “excitement” of this year so far, I’ll take it.
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