simple toy organization + some honesty

Previously, the toys we have were in two huge bins — one in the kids’ bedroom and one in the living room. All the little pieces — and crayons — mixed together.

I decided to establish a little more intentional organization with the toys. The advice I received from adoptive and non-adoptive parents ranged widely. Toys out of their room, toys in bins, toys not in bins, toys in every room I’ll be in… I knew for these little guys we will someday have in our home that I want them to feel safe and not overwhelmed by their new surroundings.

I also kind of get overwhelmed with toy clutter. Any clutter. So, with all things in our home, we’re going to attempt to keep in minimal. (Am I in for a rude awakening, or what?)

Our plan: Toys organized by type in mesh produce bags. Only as many toys that fit in one woven, ombre bin in the living room, plus one bin of blocks. Other toys stored in the basement and cycled in and out occasionally. Books within reach on the shelf in the living room. A few books upstairs by the rocking chair for nighttime reading.

I’m happy with how it looks! Time will tell if it’s practical. And only a few tears were shed in the nesting of this project.

mesh produce bags in a larger bin for toy storage and organization

Honesty time: I get nervous about sharing the preparations and plans we’re making for the day our adopted sons are finally in our home.

(We’ve been told to “be prepared.” But seriously nothing has changed. We might be in this “be prepared” state for another year for all I know. I’m exaggerating, but seriously.)

Why do I get nervous? Because I recognize I have very little firsthand experience compared to most families I know. And because I know there’s a steep learning curve and everyone is probably laughing at my idealistic plans. And because I really truly want to walk a line of being prepared yet flexible. And because I know — deep down — it’s an issue of pride. (This is a taste of “mommy wars,” isn’t it?)

So, give us grace as we share our plans. Dan and I love doing research and seeking advice, but the nature of this adopting twin toddlers thing is that some of it is gonna have to be trial-and-error. 

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  • i love the toy ideas. and you’ll figure it out on the fly. really, there’s tons of advice from a million different people but they have their own things, you know? the kind of people you are… you already know… that’s the kind of parents you’ll be. you got this!

    • natalie

      thanks, Beth! this is good advice. reading it again, because I need to remind myself again.