how we save money on trips: transportation

We road trip a lot. We have two cars and usually take the more gas efficient one. We also sometimes fly.

how to save money on trips: planes + cars

+ Airline credit cards: Though you may be opposed to multiple credit cards, this one is really worth looking into, even if just for a season of life. When Dan was interviewing for residency programs, he flew a lot.

Southwest Airlines was doing an additional offer at the time, so we got a Southwest credit card. He raked in enough miles that we are now about to take our second to-the-coast trip for free using miles. Try using a site like Slickdeals to search for airlines offering additional perks.

In terms of transportation once we get there, we have two favorites. In general, they are equal or less expensive to taxis.

+ Uber: A taxi-like ride sharing service. Regular people go through an application and background check process to be drivers. Use an app to choose your pick-up location, and the nearest available driver is automatically dispatched to you.

Uber allows you to choose the class of vehicle that will pick you up. We had a boatload of credit recently, so we went for the Denali.

Use this code for a first free ride (up to $30): lx0hs. 

+ Lyft: Lyft works the exact same way. The prices are comparable from what I understand. In our experience, some cities just have more Lyft cars than Uber cars and vice versa. Right now, within approximately 10 minutes of our home, there are six Lyft cars.

We’ve had better experiences with Uber, but we have accounts for both. I find the Uber app to be easier to use, but Lyft has more availability in our city, it seems.

Use your account to invite your friend, boyfriend, spouse, parent, or other person with whom you’ll be traveling. You’ll have double the referral credit!

What tips do you have for saving money on transportation when taking trips? 

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