listen and pray

Prism Diamond by Paper Monkey Press
Prism Diamond by Paper Monkey Press

Ebola, Africa, disease, Robin Williams, depression, suicide, Mike Brown, race, police. 

I’ve gotten lost in the online conversations and debate. Have you?

I care deeply about these issues. I have strong opinions about these issues. My opinions are informed by my faith and my life experiences.

I have to tell you my opinions have not been formed by personal manifestos shared on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. My opinions have not been formed by that blog post that well-known blogger wrote and my Facebook friends then shared. (You may say my life experiences have included the things I’ve read on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. You might be right.)

Currently, though, with all the busy going on in the media, I’d prefer to listen and pray. I’d prefer to not spit out my thoughts, or worse, blindly post an article with a load of opinions I’m promoting as my very own.

I’d prefer to talk face-to-face with people about whom I care. I’d prefer to privately share my experiences with depression and race and the load of worries I have related to those. I’d prefer to influence people through relationships and a mutual interest and respect. 

I’d prefer to have conversations with my black male friends about their personal experiences than read about what white females think about the experiences of black males. 

It’s almost enough to make me want to quit the internet to throw myself into over-coffee-conversations and intense discussions after community group and social media fasts. But that’s not what I’m doing.

I’m just choosing to listen and pray and maybe not share all my opinions in this space at this time. 

  • Amen. Amen. Amen.

  • I just wrote a post about basically nothing because I’ve had writer’s block. Maybe it’s because of what you’re talking about here. It’s just so easy to be misunderstood, anyway, which is why deep conversations are better, when you check and recheck and ask each other clarifying questions… you know.

    • natalie

      yes, much prefer in-person conversations, as well!