stepping back from social media

stepping back from social media

No, not quitting. Just stepping back.

On a few separate occasions, I’ve taken a several-day total break from social media. And I really enjoyed it. I took a break on our recent trip to Maine, and I’m so glad I did. I found myself using free time to read, and I felt more engaged with Dan during meals or while walking around.

Really, I’ve been stepping back from social media in different ways for about a year.

It started with removing notifications from my phone’s home screen. I noticed myself constantly looking at it for my likes on Instagram and my replies on Twitter and my tagged photos on Facebook. It was a huge waste of time. And reinforced the tether I had to my phone throughout the day.

I removed each app’s home screen notifications one by one over a period of a few months. Now, the only thing I see on there are tweets from Safe Families about their placement needs. I’ve enjoyed it.

I’m entertaining the idea of limiting Facebook time to once in the morning and once in the evening. Just not sold on it yet.

What I am sold on is this — more time writing (on this blog and in my journal), more time reading (devoured three books in the last month), more time creating (have the inspiration and supplies for many projects), and more time with people about whom I care.

So, hey, want to hang out? Recommend a good book? Do a project together?

Have you recently stepped back from social media in some way? What did you find about your experience?

  • Erika Riggs

    I try to spend at least one full weekend day off social media… I also dont check facebook often– maybe once a week, twitter, i try to just do once a day. instagram, i try to do just twice a day. it really helps with life. and yes, im an avid reader… 🙂

    • natalie

      I like the idea of this, Erika! I’m in too many active Facebook groups right now, but I’d like to taper off.

  • Jennifer

    I have a quick question about Safe Families… do they cover any daycare costs? We’ve considered it, but we both work full time.

    • natalie

      hi, Jennifer — Safe Families does not cover daycare costs, but parents frequently have daycare set up with a subsidy, which you can utilize. Safe Families might also have weekend placement needs that you could help out with! if you’re at all interested, I would suggest contacting your local branch ( to hear about their needs and whether or not you’d be able to meet them.