Safe Families + miss M

Scheduled trips and work picking up for me means we haven’t been able to take Safe Families placements lately. We’ve missed it, so we’ve been praying for opportunities to stay involved.

Yesterday, we got to spend the afternoon with 6-year-old miss M while her host mom was unable to be with her. We went to the apple orchard to pick $8 worth of apples and ride the hayride. She was pretty shy the whole time, but I think she liked it.IMG_5898.JPGThe girl answered “no” to just about every question. Not because her answer is “no,” I don’t think, but because she doesn’t have the words to express something differently. On the way home, I noticed she was leaning toward the window. I asked if she was sleepy, fully expecting a “no.” She nodded yes.

Her host mom had sent her with a hat and some gloves which weren’t needed in the sun, but we had brought them in the car. I looked back again, and M had put them on. I looked back a third time, and sweet girl had fallen asleep before we made it to the playground near our house. 

We debated waking her up, but we let her sleep for a bit and drove home. She woke up as we pulled in front of the house. She smiled, unbuckled, grabbed the dolls that had ridden with us, and hopped out of the car. 

  • Fresh air and sunshine are good for the soul, and also for a good nap! Sweet little girl.

  • Julie Taiym

    6 year olds are so sweet! Can’t get enough of mine!

    • natalie

      might be my new favorite age 🙂