adoption on the mountaintop

October 2010, Austin, Texas

I was that girl going alone to an adoption conference as a single graduate student.

On my first afternoon in Austin, I drove to Mount Bonnell, a lookout high above Lake Austin. With my camera, I climbed the stairs to the top and found a spot for me and my thoughts. It was quiet and calm (and hot).

Mount Bonnell at sunset, Austin, Texas

I was so nervous and uncertain. Would I stick out? Was this even worth my time and money? Was I crazy to think adoption would play a role in my life?

But I couldn’t shake the belief that God has given me this passion for a reason. Though that reason was still so obscure…

Was I supposed to work in the field of adoption? Was I supposed to live overseas devoting my days to caring for kids in an orphanage? Was I supposed to adopt as a single person? Would I get married and become a foster parent?

Mount Bonnell at sunset, Austin, Texas

I definitely wanted answers, and I had travelled to this conference hoping it would provide clear direction for my life and teach me what to do to prepare.

But then I was reminded of something I’ve struggled to believe my whole life while up on that mountaintop. In the quietness and the calmness with the sun slipping below the horizon, I sensed God telling me this: I will take care of it. I will direct your steps. Just prepare. 

The conference didn’t answer my questions, of course, because only He can. But it did increase a passion and desire I thought I maybe had to an undeniable this-will-be-part-of-your-story degree.

Like so others times in the Bible, God met me on the mountaintop. He reminded me of a Truth I know but struggle to believe. And here I am today, still listening to Him sayI will take care of it. I will direct your steps. Just prepare. 

Mount Bonnell at sunset, Austin, Texas

Got teary writing this one! This conference was four years ago this weekend and a few days after I met Dan for the first time.

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