triumph on the bathroom scale

October 2014, Indianapolis, Indiana

Whole 30 protocol suggests not weighing until the end, but I did early on when I was in the thick of sugar withdrawal headaches looking for a reason to keep going.

And I stepped on the scale again this weekend. Thinking I had to be close to that elusive first goal weight. The target I was so close to before I got excited by all the sweet treats my city has to offer after brain surgery.

I stepped on the scale again this weekend to find I was below that first weight loss goal I had set for myself back in January! 

This was the first goal I set. And there are more to be met. But meeting this one feels really good. So many new habits and frequent hard choices have brought me there. It’s been a difficult year so far. I’ve failed at too many things too frequently.

But the moment I stepped on and saw that number was so dang good. The little victories encourage me and spur me on.

Yesterday, I kicked butt on the elliptical while watching Kathie Lee & Hoda. And also? My husband and I concluded our first ever round of Whole 30. [See a list of my Whole 3o life-savers. And more to come!]

So, one triumphant health moment experienced. More to come!


Have you had a specific health or fitness triumph?

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