our Whole 30 life-savers

Whole 30, you were so hard at the beginning. And you’re so good now that I’m at the end.

Yesterday was the last official day of our (first but not last?) round of Whole 30 eating. But we’ve been so pleased with the results, we’re sold on keeping most of the rules. There will be celebratory desserts and occasional pasta and probably cheese, but I want to stick with it most of the time. 

whole 30 life-savers: foods and drinks to get throughphoto by Andrew Parish

There are some foods + drinks that got me through and will hold a permanent place in our home from now on.

My Whole 30 life-savers:

+ Unsweeted passion/green or black tea: Black coffee was usually too bitter. Green tea just tasted weird. Passion tea was delicious, but it has no caffeine. So I sang the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ when I discovered this combo. Tasty with that bit of caffeine I need.

I used Tazo’s iced passion tea and their iced blushberry black tea and got half passion, half green tea at Starbucks.

+ Black coffee with cinnamon: I tried this one for a while, and it really wasn’t too bad. The cinnamon cuts the bitterness, and it’s totally compliant.

+ Applegate hot dogs: Buy a few packs of those babies, and save them for super quick meals when you’re rushed or feeling lazy.

We got our Applegate hot dogs at Target because there was frequently a Cartwheel deal for them, but I know other grocery stores carry them, as well! French’s mustard is also compliant, but ketchup is not, you guys. All the sugar.

+ Carrot sticks: I ate these for nearly every lunch. No prep needed, and they don’t taste as bland as celery without that sugary peanut butter.

+ Lara bars: Did you know several are sugar-free, gluten-free, and totally compliant? I was a big granola bar fan before Whole 30, and these were the perfect alternative. Favorite compliant flavors are Banana Bread, Coconut Cream Pie, Cashew Cookie, and Apple Pie.

I ate so many, I finally bought a big box on Amazon.

+ Rotisserie chicken: We bought one early in the week, shredded it to store in the fridge, and warmed it up for lunches.

Most grocery stores have these in a warmer near the deli counter or near the checkouts!

+ Eggs cups with prosciutto or sweet potato crust: Eggs start tasting gross if you eat them every morning. But putting them in prosciutto or sweet potatoes made them taste brand new!

We used this recipe for sweet potato cups. For the prosciutto cups, just press a piece of prosciutto into each individual muffin tin and dump an egg mixture in.

Have you done Whole 30? What were your life-saving foods + drinks?

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