7 tips for Whole 30 success

7 tips for Whole 30 success

photo by Dominik Martin

1. Think ahead: We set a date to start Whole 30 about three weeks in advance. During those three weeks, we purposely became more concious of what we usually ate and what wouldn’t be allowed during Whole 30.

2. Get rid of non-compliant foods: We ate up some of the things we didn’t feel really guilty about. We threw out some things. And we put the items with long shelf-lives in a Rubbermaid tote in our basement.

3. Plan: I started a Pinterest board of Whole 30 recipes, and we brainstormed more straight forward recipes like chicken on the grill and burgers without buns.

4. Decide on deal-breakers: We decided that we would keep going with Whole 30 even if one of us had a cheat day. Others I know quit and started all over again after even just one little cheat. Decide what’s best for you.

5. Eat at home and invite others over: We found it too tough to eat out or visit others’ homes, because there just weren’t enough compliant options. We set out knowing we’d be eating at home for almost every meal.

6. Find your lifesavers: I wrote about my lifesavers. Applegate hot dogs, carrot sticks, Lara bars, passion tea. Find yours and fight the I’m-so-tired-of-this-urge.

7. Take before and after pictures and measurements: Though mine will never see the light of day, the after pictures really did provide an extra boost of confidence that Whole 30 was worth it.

  • Shirsha

    Hi, your post is super helpful. I am on day 4 of my first Whole 30, and for a minute there I was fighting a craving for something sugary, and I started googling Whole30 success stories. Let’s just say, craving abandoned. 🙂