3-year anniversary

Three years. It feels like forever in some regards and yesterday in others.

I just reread our vows. Woof. This year was certainly a year of looking to Christ to bind us together despite bad circumstances (adoption struggles!) and sickness (brain tumor!). And while it may seem the focus has been on those specific experiences, there’s been a lot of really, really good, too. The getting-to-know-you-even-better and the understanding-what-makes-you-tick and the learning-to-increase-the-trust-we-already-have and the let’s-just-have-fun and the making-big-decisions-that-teach-us-how-big-God-is.

We still talk about our honeymoon weekly. And how glad my don’t-look-at-me self was to not walk down the stairs of our ceremony venue. Beyond that, our focus after that day has been on the adventure of the days, months, and years after.

art gallery wedding ceremony, photo by We Are the Parsons art gallery wedding ceremony, photo by We Are the Parsons Our anniversary comes between Thanksgiving and Christmas when we’re naturally in a mindset of reflection. These November and December months are two of my favorites, as we celebrate love and family and commitment and Christ. We continue to strive to put Him at the very center of all we do.

art gallery wedding ceremony, photo by We Are the ParsonsWe decided to skip gifts this year to buy an anniversary journal. It’s really beautiful, and I’m looking forward to sitting down with Dan to talk through our yearly check-in questions and record this year’s memories — good and bad — in the journal.
art gallery wedding ceremony with thrown craft pom pons, photo by We Are the ParsonsIt will be simple. And that’s just fine. It’s been quite the year with this husby I love.

  • Happy anniversary to you guys!

  • Happy Anniversary!

    • thanks, Allison! 🙂 your anniversary will be here before you know it!

      • I can’t believe how fast the time goes. We are almost to 5 months!

  • This is so sweet! Happy anniversary to you both 🙂

  • MeandMySoldierMan

    What lovely pictures! Happy Anniversary!

    • thanks! we really loved our photographer.

  • Janessa Mills

    Love all the photos! Happy belated 3 years and I wish you both nothing but happiness in this fourth year of marriage!

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