anchored hope devotions for adoption

10733965_378914375603364_1666065553451473380_nAnchored Hope is an online daily devotional community for adoptive and waiting adoptive parents. I was asked to consider contributing to it once a week. And I was really uncertain at first.

I do not feel directly teaching God’s truths is a strength of mine. I enjoy sharing what I’m learning through telling daily experiences as a wife, friend, daughter, and waiting adoptive mother. Like telling a story and intertwining a bit of the Gospel. But this direct teaching on a theme with Scripture included is not easy for me.

I worry that I will somehow become a “resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” I worry that I will misunderstand Scripture or minimize the glory of God’s Word. 

Despite this knowledge, I’ve felt challenged to teach more. To directly teach and not rely on my own interpretation of my experiences with a little bit of Jesus added in. So I agreed. And I’m honored to get to encourage others in this way. It’s been an excellent challenge for me to consider a topic of Scripture and write something life-giving for others to read.

Here’s a bit from today’s devotional, inspired by Isaiah 43:18-19

The path to the adoption of our sons was clear at the start. We took easy steps forward, and we delighted to see certain milestones reached more quickly than we expected. We believed they would be in our home soon after their first birthday. Then we reached the edge of the wilderness. We took difficult, staggering steps forward to only find the next step blocked.


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